Heavy Denim Kings: 32ozembroidery

For this episode of Heavy Denim Kings we interview 32ozEmbroidery. He is a Heavy denim lover and wearer of custom 32oz that also specializes in denim embroidery.

Name: Brad Knipping

IG Account: 32ozEmbroidery

Country: United States

Style: I’d describe it as “casual” more than anything else I think

How many pairs of heavy denim do you own? How heavy is heavy? I have 5 pairs 17oz and up, but only 2 over 20oz.

How long have you been wearing your current heavy denim? I’ve had my 32oz’s for a couple of years now, but they’re just hitting the 250th wear. My Old Blue Co 25oz’s I’ve had for longer than that, but I don’t wear them as much and don’t keep track.

Where do you share about your denim (social media, forums etc)? I started out really only on r/rawdenim (I’m u/superish64 over there), but I now I share pretty consistently on my @32ozEmbroidery instagram too.

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Favorite pair of heavy denim: My custom Pedestrian 32oz’s are the coolest and most perfect pair of jeans I will ever own.

Favorite IG accounts: @indigo_proof / @wizardof32oz / @_hudsonjames / @pigeontreecrafting / @kill_your_jeans / @ftlonesome / @knowyouralphabet



How did you first get into heavy denim?

I first got into heavy denim with the #oldbluexreddit contest with Old Blue’s 19oz Indonesian Selvedge. It was my first intro to jeans heavier than 14.5oz and unsanforized too. I got a pair of they’re 25oz Beasts after than and then there was no going back.

What is your favorite denim weight and why?

I think my favorite denim weight is anywhere from 17 to 19oz. That range is just enough to be heavy and satisfying to break in, while not being absolutely ridiculous.

On a scale of one to concrete how stiff do you like your denim?

I’m going to go with a moderately heavy cereal box cardboard.

What is your favorite aspect of wearing heavy denim?

I fell in love with how comfortable and shaped to your body heavy denim gets after you break them in. I also appreciate the sharper creases and fades that come along with that too.


What inspires your heavy denim style? And what do you wear with it? What accessories go best with heavy denim?

I don’t know that I can point to any one thing that inspires my “style”. Mostly because I don’t really think I have much of one. Occasionally I’ll put thought into an outfit and try to look really good, but most of the time I’m just wearing things that I like. Whether that’s socks and birks with a t shirt, or my iron rangers and 3sixteen 3s just kinda depends on the day and how I’m feeling. I’m definitely not the most stylish instagram.

How do you break in a new pair of denim?

I haven’t broken in a new pair since I got the 32oz’s, but for those I went and biked around my neighborhood a few times. Would not recommend, my hips and the back of my knees were sore for like a week.

How do you feel about washing or soaking your heavy weight denim? And when would you first wash?

I think you should wash your jeans as often as you want to wash your jeans. If that means your washing them every week, cool. If you never want to wash them, they might (will definitely) smell, but you do you.


Have you had any odd or interesting reactions to your heavy denim?

Especially now that they’re pretty faded, my 32oz’s get the most comments out of anything else I wear. If I had a nickel for every time someone has asked to feel my pants I’d have a lot of nickels.

What the craziest thing you’ve done in your heavy denim? Or do you have any funny stories related to your heavy denim?

I volunteer at a summer camp and wore the 32oz’s one year. Everyone thought it was crazy that when I wasn’t wearing them during the day they’d still hold their shape even when they were laying on the floor.

Do you have any ‘grail’ heavy denim you wish to acquire some day? What is it that draws you to it?

I’d really love to get a pair of Roy’s someday, but I have enough jeans already and can’t justify another pair. I’m amazed by his craftsmanship and attention to detail and love the story of him slowly building his brand and sewing skills. Maybe someday.

What are your plans for your current pair?

I really like where my 32oz’s are at right now, so I’m good with wearing them on occasion and not focusing on them every day. I also don’t get to wear jeans as often as I used to now that I’m working as a nurse full time, so it’s nice to wear a variety rather than sticking to only one pair. Eventually I want them to get beat to shreds, but that’s a long ways down the road.

Anyone you’d like to shout out or thank?

Obviously I have to shoutout Nick of @pedestrian_denim (or u/sooprvylyn on reddit). That guy is a sewing magician and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found him and gotten him to agree to make a pair of jeans out of this ridiculous denim!


Thank you very much Brad for giving us the down low on your custom 32oz jeans!

If you would like your heavy denim featured on the site and have at least one years wear on a pair please contact @wizardof32oz on Instagram.


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