Engineer Boots, The Perfect Footwear for Heavy Denim.

So you’ve been fading some awesome heavy denim but your vans are leaving something to be desired? Look no further than Engineer boots. They are the perfect boot that gives a vintage look while also being comfortable and not hot like normal leather boots.

This article will cover 4 major boots brand that offer quality engineer boots for a reasonable price. The boots will be judged with the following categories: comfort, toughness, aesthetics, availability and value.

John Lofgren Egineer boots

4. John Lofgren Engineer Boots in Black Horween CXL $975USD (Made in Japan) 2kg

Perhaps one of the easiest entry points into the engineer world would from John Lofgren. He has created a great boot that ticks all the boxes. The fit is generous and very comfortable after break in. One of the biggest differences between this boot and most other engineer boots is his use of a storm welt. This welt which can be superior to a standard welt but can however also be used to hide errors and mistakes in the welt stitch. Other notable features include medium to light weight Horween Chrome Excel leather, Soft ‘ping pong’ toe, lower logger heel and Vibram 700 half soles and matching heels. This is very nice boot but would be more reasonable at the $650-750 mark.

Comfort 5/5

Toughness 3/5

Aesthetics 3/5

Availability 3/5 (available through US retailers but often out of stock)

Value 2/5

Total: 3.2/5

Dayton Stoker Engineer boot

3. Dayton Boots Stoker Engineer in Black Oil Tan $800USD (Made in Canada) 2.5kg

Dayton Boots, one of the smaller boot makers has a new engineer boot that lives up to their image of the ‘Dayton Shit kickers’. This custom boots also has a generous wide fit. The double mid soles are very stiff and gives the boot a tank like stance but the leather insole and cork foot bed allows for a comfortable feel. These buckles (supplied by the customer for this boot) were imported from Japan. They are the same buckles that are used on early Role Club engineers. The Black oil tan leather is extremely thick and tough. The toe is very soft and made only with a fabric structure. Like the Lofgren this boot also features Vibram 700 half soles and matching heels.

Comfort 3/5

Toughness 5/5

Aesthetics 3/5

Availability 1/5 (custom made to order only)

Value 5/5

Total: 3.4/5

Attractions Wear Masters Engineer boot

2. Attractions Wear Masters Black Steer Hide       $734USD (Tax in) (Made in Japan) 1.7kg

Attractions makes the best value ready to wear ‘vintage’ engineer boot. This boot is the best example of a modern reproduction engineer. The buckles, soft toe, cut and tall heel make this boot the most beautiful of the boots on this list. The lower price and high availability make it a no brainer for those wanting their first pair. At $861 Attractions offers a horse hide version which we would recommend over the steer hide. We found that the steer hide did not breath as well as other boots due to coatings on the leather. This leads to sweaty and eventually smelly feet. The horse hide however is a beautiful tea core leather that will patina and breath much better over time. The Attractions also features a Biltrite half sole and heel matching the vintage look and feel of the boot.

Comfort 4/5

Toughness 3/5

Aesthetics 5/5

Availability 4/5 (almost always in stock through Attractions Japan but also available through Black Sun HK)

Value 5/5

Total: 4.3



Wesco Knuckle Dragger Engineer boot

2. Wesco x Standard and Strange Knuckle Dragger  $750USD  (Made in USA) 2.6kg

Wesco boots is probably the most iconic and well known maker of Engineer boots. This collaboration boot between Wesco and Standard and Strange uses a special waxed olive flesh leather From Horween. The boot is built like an absolute tank. The stitching and double midsole inspires confidence. The fit is good but allows for more heel slip than the other 3 boots. This collaboration boot is no longer available however you can order stock Wesco engineers or build your own design for $500USD and up. The only complaint would be that the buckles could be a little bit better but your pants will probably cover them anyways.

Comfort 4/5

Toughness 5/5

Aesthetics 3/5

Availability 5/5 (Made to order and stock boots always available)

Value 5/5

Total: 4.4/5


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