The Last Naked and Famous 32oz Denim First Impressions, Shrinkage and More

Naked and Famous have now produced and released its 3rd and final batch of 32oz denim. According to Brandon at N&F this last production was made with left over fabric from the 2016 release. We have received a pair of the last batch and will wear and wash it over the next few years. This will contrast the unwashed pair owned by heavy denim fader @wizardof32oz.

3 years unwashed beside new pair

These jeans were originally scheduled to be released Monday April 15th but actually dropped Tuesday April 16th at 7:03AM PST. We placed our order shortly after. The order was picked up two days later by Canada Post Thursday the 18th. The package arrived on the 24th of April which isn’t bad considering there was Easter Holiday over the weekend.

In 2016 the 32oz was shipped in a medium size cardboard box. Since then the packaging has changed to a grey plastic bag. Included are the pants, invoice and Tate and Yoko sticker.

Upon inspection there are a few stand out differences in production. The first thing you notice is that the internal Naked and Famous Denim logo is only sew on on two sides instead of all the way around. The hand of the fabric also seemed to be slightly more slubby and irregular than the last pair of 32oz. Also the indigo seemed to be slightly less dark but this is very hard to tell.


Since Wiz’ last pair of 32oz were worn never washed this pair would receive the exact opposite treatment. To prepare for this a size 34 was ordered instead of 33. This was to account for the extra shrinkage of washing and drying. Thats right DRYING. This test is meant to mimic the wear and tear a normal person would put on a pair of jeans.


The jeans were soaked inside out for 45mins in very hot bath water and agitated vigorously throughout. Next they went into the washing machine with no soap for a warm 1 hour wash. Finally they went in the dryer on extra dry until nearly dry.

Shrinkage results:

32oz denim shrinkage chart

You could expect to see a small amount of additional shrinkage on 2nd and 3rd washes and dries.

After many washes and wear this will pair will showcase the 32oz with a vintage fade style. This pair will be worn while we wait for the release of the 40oz from Naked and Famous Denim. Until then we will see how many more manufacturers decide to join the super heavy weight jean of their own.





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