The Last 32oz Release from Naked and Famous Denim

Today Naked and Famous Denim restocked their monster 32oz indigo denim sizes 28 to 38 in weird guy fit. Naked and Famous first released the 32oz denim in 2014 then restocked in 2016 and now is finally releasing the last batch of ‘world’s heaviest denim’. This is due to the planned eventual release of the 40oz denim. This current last batch is made up of the left over fabric from the production in 2016. This means the denim is still unsanforized and will shrink 6-8% or possibly more depending on washing and drying. For more information on shrinkage Tate and Yoko wrote a detailed article with pre and post soak measurements.



If you have been wanting to pick up a pair of 32oz now is the time because N&F will no longer produce them and the fact that they are working on a 40oz jean may potentially deter other brands from producing their own 32oz jeans.

We will be receiving one pair from this last release and will be conducting our own shrinkage test to see how much this denim really can shrink increasing both its weight and density to the limit.






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