Naked and Famous Announces 40oz denim

After much speculation Naked and Famous Denim has announced they’re to produce the world’s heaviest jeans (again), weighing in at 40oz. The brand was determined to take back their title as the heavy weight kings after a few pairs of proof concept 38oz denim were allegedly produced. The jeans are speculated to include a super thick patch that spurred original rumors of a 40oz monster.

N&F plans to make more than just a weird guy fit this time. We would love to see a ‘strong guy’ fit which would help counter the extreme weight by giving extra room. At this time the denim weaving is still being perfected and the shuttle loom can only handle being run 20 minutes at a time.  They have also yet to figure out how to sew these jeans together. Bazhad from Naked and Famous Denim also mentioned he hopes to have the 40oz sewn in Canada. Due to these facts we are currently looking at potential release in late 2019. There is no word yet on pricing but we can only guess it will be $545USD or more.



Bazhad gives us a closer look at the amazing carpet thick yarns. There is no update on the time line but he does reassure us that progress is being made on the new world’s heavy 40oz denim!


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