Heavy Denim King: ironheartfadez

We start off the Heavy Denim Kings interview series with a true hardcore fader, ironheartfadez. In this article he compares and contrasts his two favorite denims, the Iron Heart 21 and 25oz.

Name: Adam Glinsky

IG Account: ironheartfadez

Country: USA

Style: Classic & Chill

How many pairs of heavy denim do you own? 7

How long have you been wearing your current heavy denim? 7 Months

Where do you share about your denim (social media, forums etc)? Iron Heart Forum, Instagram, SuperFuture

Occupation: I work for a particular fruit company

Favorite pair of heavy denim: My favorite pair is my first pair, Iron Heart’s 25oz 634 XHS.

Favorite IG accounts:  Other than yours 😉 myironheart, robindenim, swissjeansfreak, inn8chiro, denimhunters, UpstateGuyStyle, there are so many.. but if I follow you and enjoy it. I’ll probably be spamming it with likes and comments.


How did you first get into heavy denim? I first got into heavy denim after a purchase at SELA.  I went to grab some work shirts to wear with my 3rd pair of Naked & Famous Denim.  I found a Sugar Cane and Iron Heart shirt that fit me well and felt great. After I got the IHSH-16ss I was hooked. I absolutely loved that shirt and wore it almost daily for a year and change.  That sparked a big interest in Iron Heart which lead to me buying a ton of their gear.

What is your favorite denim weight and why?

This is a tough question for me.  When I think of optimal heavyweight 21oz comes to mind, but personally I own more 25oz pairs because I love the feel and fades they get.  You can see in the pictures provided the comparison between the two weights. The 21oz has a more vintage and less contrast fade. The 25oz has more vertical and higher contrast fades.


On a scale of one to concrete how stiff do you like your denim?

A year ago I’d say concrete, but after having some time in 25oz Overdye from Iron Heart, I don’t mind the already broken in feel. I guess it can always change.  But on average, I prefer quite rigid denim.

What is your favorite aspect of wearing heavy denim?

My favorite aspect of heavy denim are the fades and wear.  My 25oz Indigo pair I think are my most loved and faded pair.  I truly enjoy the high contrast fades, vertical falling, with the bigger whiskers and honeycombs.

What inspires your heavy denim style?

I enjoy the durability and feel of the heavy denim.  It kinda feels like body armor when you first start out, but then the become so comfortable with wear.  Along with the heavy denim I like to wear heavyweight shirts and flannels, loop wheel sweaters, and leather boots. Everyone has their own style, a lot of my influences are from classic workwear, modern urban fashion, and work out gear.  My favorite accessories are my sun glasses, leather boots, and fun belts.


Describe your ideal fabric and why you would make it that way?

If I could make a pair of jeans, it’d be crazy.  I’d have the the warp dyed indigo and the weft black fades to gray 25oz slim tapered fit. That would honestly just be my ideal cut and fabric choice because I’m not sure that’s been done.  IH is putting out an indigo x black pair; however, the black weft is a super black and does not fade. I plan to pick up a pair of these for sure.

If your jeans could talk what would they say?

….wash me…. Haha. They’d probably say that we’ve gone on many adventures together. In the woods, city, and especially to work.


How do you break in a new pair of denim?

I usually just wear them all the time.  To work, to errands, around the house, and out and about.  Hiking definitely helps.  I’m lucky to have a city park close to me that I can walk and hike around.

How do you feel about washing or soaking your heavy weight denim? And when would you first wash?

I use to be all hardcore about waiting 6 months to a year before washing.  Now I just wash when needed.  In the first few washes, I’ll do it by hand in the tub and hang dry.  But once I’m to a certain point, I’ll machine wash and dry.


Have you had any odd or interesting reactions to your heavy denim?

I feel like a lot of people just don’t get it.  I tell people a little about denim and it blows their mind that there is so much to it.  Usually I just get surprised reactions to it.

What the craziest thing you’ve done in your heavy denim? Or do you have any funny stories related to your heavy denim?

My neighbors must think I’m pretty crazy. I take a lot of photos of my denim and always get a few strange looks. I can’t think of anything specific. I just enjoy wearing my denim and try to get some wear in daily.

Do you have any ‘grail’ heavy denim you wish to acquire some day? What is it that draws you to it?

I really want to get every iteration of 25oz denim from Iron Heart along with their 10oz chambray.  They are my favorite fabrics that I think pair so well together.


What are your plans for your current pair?

I’m currently wearing my pair of IH-634XHSod in the Denim World Championship 2.  I plan on wearing these as much as possible for the next year and change.  After the DWC2 I plan on making a lot of alterations to the pair so I can continue wearing them with a different perspective.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

I’d chose a heavyweight CPO and probably 21oz denim.  That would probably work for all seasons and occasions. If this were in my closet it would be my IHSH-76 & SExIH-633S. I’d probably pick a pair of Adidas Sambas too. They’re my go to sneaker.

Anyone you’d like to shout out or thank?

If you support the denim community I want to thank you.  I know we’re super niche, but it’s a lot of fun meeting new people across the world who are into denim.  No matter what brand or style is your favorite, we can all get behind quality goods that get better with age.


Thank you very much Adam for sharing with us your heavy denim experience and providing us with such amazing denim evo shots!

If you would like your heavy denim featured on the site and have at least one years wear on a pair please contact @wizardof32oz on Instagram.


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