Your first pair of Heavy Denim

Buying your first pair of heavy denim isn’t as easy as walking to your local Levi’s and walking out with a pair. We have put this guide together so that you can avoid disappointment and not have to immediately buy a new pair. But don’t fear, if you follow these simple steps you should enjoy your first pair for years to come.


The first thing you need to decide is your budget. Typically in the heavy denim world, you get what you pay for. That being said a $500 pair of Samurai‘s may not bring you any more joy than some $126 unbranded brand jeans. Set a budget and stay within it… you’ll need the extra cash later for a jacket!


The Cut Line up-X2


Fit is often over looked. This is the time you need to get real with yourself and figure out wether that slim straight 666 (devil’s fit) is really going to match the shape of your body. Choose a fit that matches your body, your style and your accessories such as tall boots. Trying to force a fit that isn’t meant for you will only result in discomfort and a premature second purchase. If you have no idea what cut fits you it’s a good idea to start out with a straight cut.



We aren’t going to tell you how to measure your denim or how certain brands will fit, however, we recommend you stick to one golden sizing rule for heavy denim. Size up! Heavy denim is by nature stiff and unforgiving. That extra room will allow for better movement and additional air flow. You also never know when your denim might accidentally take a trip through the dryer.


We have written a detailed article on washing heavy denim but to sum it all up.

  1. Turn inside out
  2. Wash cold
  3. Hang dry



In order to get the most out of the jeans it is critical to repair them. It is important to inspect them for wear often and repair small holes quickly before they turn into big problems. This way you can fix most issues at home with only a needle and thread.


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