5 Heavy Denim Myths

1. Heavy denim is hard to wear

Tong SF Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster (25 Oz. competition model) via Heddels

Many people consider heavy denim an uncomfortable hard to wear fabric. However, this is not true, heavy denim ranges from 18oz to 32oz+ making many options of weights to choose from. A 18-20oz pair would not be that big of a difference from a standard 16oz raw denim jean. Comfort in heavy weight denim is dependent mainly on the cut and size of the jeans.


2. Heavy denim is hard to move in


Another common conclusion people make when first finding out about Heavy denim is that the weight of the fabric would make it hard to move. In lighter weight jeans people often wear the wrong size or cut for their body type but get away with it due to the forgiveness of the fabric. Heavy denim on the other hard is unforgiving and must be a fit that matches the shape of your body as well as a size large enough to allow movement. If you don’t know your ideal fit or size in heavy weight jeans it is advised to size up at least one. If you have the right size and fit heavy denim you should have no problems moving as you normally would.

3. Heavy denim is too hot

Evisu Vintage Fit Fire Diacock

Heavy denim itself is not that hot as denim’s insulation properties are relatively low. However heavy weight denim usually does not breathe as well as light weight denim. In hot and humid temperatures this can lead sweaty legs. That being said this can be partially overcome by wearing a larger size, drinking lots of water and seeking shade or cooler areas to give your legs breaks. Many hardcore heavy denim fans are based in countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore which frequently experience 35ºC+ weather with high humidity.

4. Heavy denim lasts longer

Cracked combs in Naked and Famous Denim 32oz by @wizardof32oz

Due to heavy denim’s robust feel and weight people often assume that it must last much longer than lighter weight denims. This is not entirely correct. Heavy denim in some ways are more prone to failure due to its thick yarns. This can be most obviously seen in areas where the denim creases in the combs or on the cuffs. Because the fibers on the outside of the crease have to stretch farther than fibers on the inside of the crease it causes stress and eventually rips or cracks. You can think of it like a car with a locked differential. The outside tire has to travel farther on a turn and thus tires receive more wear.

5. Heavy denim fades have more contrast

Liem Hu Sen‘s pair of Unbranded UB221 via Heddels

Raw denim newbies may think that because heavy denim has larger stronger creases that it must make higher contrast fades. This can be true but also has to do with many other variables. Other things that may influence the heavy denim fade are dying process, washes, sanforization, yarn, weave and life style.



Now that you understand about five heavy denim myths you can go out and find the best pair for you!


2 thoughts on “5 Heavy Denim Myths

  1. On the matter of heavy-weight denim myths, do you find that heavier weight jeans are able to withstand the abuse of manual labor better? Say, if you were spending time in workplace similar to a construction site. Do you think a heavier denim would guarantee better longevity? Or is this a myth too?


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